Solar Energy the New Black in Gold Coast

After decades of being undermined by super powers in the industry, solar energy has finally emerged into the light. There is a tremendous paradigm shift toward solar energy among homeowners, business owners and companies in Gold Coast. The motivation is environmental for some, others it’s economic and for others it is simply a personal preference. Going by this trend, solar power might be the ultimate energy solution now and in the generations to come. The Gold Coast solar energy industry has experienced an upsurge over the last few decades. Residential solar power has taken off in Gold Coast in ways not seen in other states of Australia. So what are the reasons for this amazing phenomenon among homeowners in Gold Coast?

Solar Panel Prices Have Fallen Substantially

The cost of acquiring and installing a solar panel has reduced by half in the last five years. This has made solar power the most affordable energy option in Gold Coast and Australia at large. With a lifetime of 25 years, your solar system will certainly guarantee you return on investment. According to Gold Coast solar experts, a properly maintained system can pay off the cost of installing in less than 4 years. This means that you’ll be enjoying fuel-free electricity for the next 21 years.

Making Use of the Natural Resource – the Sun

Australia is blessed with a lot of sunshine compared to other parts of the world such as the UK. A 1Kw capacity solar system in Australia is able to produce two times more power than a similar system in Germany. This is because Australia receives more, possible two times more, sunshine than Germany. Gold Coast receives an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, which makes the sun a reliable source of energy. The residents of Gold Coast have no doubt that the sun can provide most of their power. That is why solar has become a hit in Gold Coast.

Solar Power is Environmentally Friendly

Unlike its greatest competitor, coal, there are no emissions produced when power is generated using solar panels. The formula is pretty simple for solar systems – the sun rays hit the panels and the cables direct power straight into the house. There isn’t involvement of unnecessary combustion of gases that are harmful to human beings and the environment. With increasing sensitization on going green, many people prefer to go the solar way in order to protect the environment.

It’s a Smart Move

Relying on the sun as your source of energy is intellectually smart. As the harmful effects of global warming continue to take root, all technologies and systems around the world will be required to go 100% green in the near future. Installing a solar system in your home means that you are joining the movement of making the world a better place to live. So, join the band wagon and be counted among the smart residents in Gold Coast.

The benefits of solar systems are indisputable. That’s why solar power is gaining popularity by the rise every day.  Don’t be left behind in the mercies of oil and gas companies that hike prices as they please. Visit Green Spark Electrical, the best Gold Coast solar system experts. There won’t be regrets, only smiles for many days to come.