Why You Need to Switch to a Height Adjustable Desk

It is no secret that sitting for several hours straight can have detrimental effects on your health. This has prompted the innovation of height adjustable desk Brisbane and other cities have today in order to cope with the health issues associated with traditional desks. Indeed, the sit and stand working setup has encouraged a wide range of postures while working. This is aimed at minimizing the health risks and stress to the body due to prolonged sitting.


Height Adjustable Desk Brisbane
Health Risks of Prolonged Sitting


The risks of prolonged sitting are scientifically proven and not just a myth. In fact, the American Cancer Society has published a result of their study about the effect of sitting for several hours a day. Mortality rate rose by up to 37% in women and 18% in men for those who spend at least 6 hours a day sitting, especially when compared to those who only spend 3 hours a day sitting.
While more studies need to be done to create a definitive conclusion regarding the link between health risks and sitting, this is definitely an alarming data. For those who had to sit for several hours due to their work setup, finding alternative ways to work such as with a height adjustable desk in Brisbane or a standing desk can be a good start.


Why Choose a Height Adjustable Desk?


There are several benefits that you can get when using height adjustable desk Brisbane has today. Below are some of the most important ones to consider:
• It facilitates natural movement when working. The main reason for the health hazards of most computer workstations today is that it goes against the natural instinct of the body. The human body is designed to move; but modern work desks facilitate a sedentary lifestyle. A height adjustable desk allows you to sit or stand whenever you want to. This facilitates movement that can reduce muscle fatigue, improve blood circulation, and improve spinal health (by improving posture).
• It improves comfort and productivity. When you are sitting for an extended period of time, you will notice that your neck and lower back becomes stiff and in pain. With a Brisbane height adjustable desk, you will have none of these problems (or at least the pain will be significantly reduced). Since your blood circulation is normal and there is some sort of movement involved (as compared to sitting down all the time), it can reduce the pain you have to deal with. When there is no pain, you will be able to concentrate on your work. When you improve your ability to concentrate, you will also become more productive.
• You will have more options when it comes to your working position. Standing for an extended period of time can also be exhausting. Hence, height adjustable desk Brisbane has to offer is the perfect solution so you can have options. When you want to work while standing, you can do so. When you get exhausted and need to sit down, you can do too!
If you are looking for the best height adjustable desk in Brisbane, go to http://www.officedirect.net.au/height-adjustable-desks-east-brisbane-southside-logan/. You can also find other custom made solutions for your office needs so you can work ergonomically and become more productive.

How to Pass a Brisbane Pool Inspection

The pool inspection Brisbane Southside services is a necessity and legal requirement that must be fulfilled before you buy or sell any property in Brisbane. The pool inspection in Brisbane Southside is carried out in order to ensure that your swimming pool is up to standard and in compliance with many of the Australian and Brisbane pool standards including all the safety codes, guidelines on pool safety, regulations and various other legislations in place.

Pool Inspection Brisbane Southside
Pool Inspection Brisbane Southside

As a homeowner, you may not be very familiar with all these regulations and codes and that is why it is always advisable to contract the professional pool inspection Brisbane Southside solutions which are capable of carrying out a professional pool inspection to ensure your pool is up to the required standards. The pool’s pump and filters will be assessed in order to ensure that they are working perfectly. Inspection is also carried out in order to assess both the health as well as the viability of your swimming pools.

By working with qualified pool inspection Brisbane Southside specialists, you can look forward to  a higher degree of professionalism in the pool inspections which will culminate in the issuance of a Pool Safety Certificate that puts you on the right side of the law. The best Brisbane Southside pool inspection specialists generally have highly qualified inspectors capable of carrying out professional and expert inspections on your pools. These are people who will be very honest in their assessments and will not compromise on any elements or requirements of the inspection. As a homeowner, it is thus necessary to make the necessary upgrades and installations in your swimming pool in order to guarantee that it will pass the inspection by the qualified inspectors.

It is very crucial that all pool owners understand the various pool safety standards. These standards and guidelines are generally enforced by both the local and the state governments. In Brisbane, there are new laws and regulations that anyone with a swimming pool must comply with by end of November 2015. These regulations cover property or homeowners as well as the landlords who are planning to sell their houses.

During the transfer of the property, there should be a safety certificate in place or an agreement that the new compliance requirements will passed on to the new home owner. New buyers will be able to buy pools without a compliance certificate provided there is a formal agreement that the new owners will pursue the compliance themselves and foot the cost. As a buyer of property with an uninspected pools, you will also be provided with a 90-day buffer zone during which you obtain the inspection certificate from the pool inspection Brisbane Southside inspectors.

The laws cover several types pools including the pool fences, the portable pools and the inflatable pools. The pool fence is one of the most critical factor and safety requirements in your pools and you need to do it right before putting your pool on inspection. There are certain regulations on how the pool fences need to be built and you need to contract professional pool fence installers to assist you with the process in advance.

There are inspectors in the Brisbane Southside area that will not only handle your inspections but will carry out the necessary repairs on your pools in order to ensure that the pool is up to date with the required standards. This of course streamlines the process for you and helps you save on costs.