Vital reminders in using the Kia smart service indicator

Kia recommends specific service interval for all units in Australia to follow. This is to keep your Kia car in good shape and avoid mishaps on the road. Moreover, Kia incorporates smart car service indicators to all newer car models as well, such as the 2015 variation of Kia Sorento. This guides owners in following the ideal Kia Sorento service schedule Australia interval for their unit.

kia sorento service schedule australia

The Kia smart car maintenance and service indicator system is a feature affixed on the dashboard of newer car models. It displays the mileage consumed by the car and flashes warning signs to inform you about the impending service schedule. However, some factors affect the ideal service interval of a car and Kia smart service indicators cannot identify such factors. Thus, be sure to consider such points while using the system for your advantage.

Using the Kia smart service indicator in keeping your car in good shape

Confused on how to use the Kia smart car maintenance and service indicator as a guide in following the suggested servicing schedule? Here are a few points to take note:

Remember the recommended Kia service intervals

First, take note of the recommended Kia service schedule Australia interval. Ideally, you should bring your unit to an accredited service centre every 15,000km or 12 months. This will help you avoid various technical issues, keeping your unit in a stellar performing condition. Don’t wait for your car to acquire any technical problems before bringing it in for repairs.

Know how the Kia smart maintenance and service indicator works

The Kia smart car service indicator circles on reminding you about the next ideal servicing time for your unit. When you start the engine, a message will appear saying, “SERVICE REQUIRED”. Then, from the time of resetting the system, it will track the mileage the engine covers. Moreover, it flashes light alerts every specific mileage, such as on 5,000 and 7,500km.

You’ll know it’s time for your Kia Sorento service schedule Australia interval when the display reaches zero. Avoid delaying the servicing too much to keep technical problems away from your car.

Factors that affect service frequency

Kia recommends bringing your car for regular service every 15,000km or 12 months. However, certain factors affect such frequency, meaning you may need to get professional servicing earlier. This happens if you frequently drive your Kia Sorento on rough terrains, dusty roads, or any area that has an extreme temperature and heavy traffic jams. The Kia Sorento service schedule Australia interval also goes more frequent when you often carry heavy loads and tow large trailers.

These factors make the smart car service indicator less ideal to follow. If you drive a Kia Stinger on the rough road every day, for example, your Kia Stinger service intervals should be every after 6 months or earlier. And that’s despite the smart car service indicator telling you that your car doesn’t need servicing. Thus, consult an accredited Kia mechanic to determine your unit’s ideal service schedule.

Reset the smart service indicator system after servicing

Lastly, remember to reset the Kia smart car maintenance and service indicator after each servicing. This is to begin another tracking for your next schedule. Let a licensed Kia mechanic do it for you or check your car manual for instructions on operating the system.

The smart car service indicator is a great feature in Kia cars today. Be sure, however, to use it properly with these reminders, so you would reap its benefits as a great car maintenance tool. Of course, find an accredited servicing centre when it’s time for a car check-up.

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